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WTF, dude? We were winning!

I know, this was added in order to keep the mage side and the templar side in parallel, but it makes no sense. Before the battle, he was all “Fight, fight, fight!” and after an easy victory, he decided we were doomed? Nonsense.

I would rather have seen a different boss for both sides. Perhaps Tahrone had been more effective than we thought, and she had managed to seduce some high-ranking templar. Someone who had gone undiscovered until the very end. Would it have been that much more difficult to let Grace spare Thrask, for example, and then give Hawke the terrible pang of killing him? He was a sympathetic character no matter which side you favor, and he did spend a lot of time at the Blooming Rose. That would have been a punch in the feels, and it would have conveyed a sense of agency, as if some decision the player made affected the outcome. Or have Kerras always escape in Act 1. That would have worked, too. Either would have segued into the events of Asunder, where Lord Seeker Lambert takes things a bit too far.

I guess they were beating the “All mages are blood mages” drum and got carried away. Ah well.

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