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If Marethari did not want Merrill doing blood magic, why did she send her to open the Sundermount barrier on her own? I mean, she had to know the barrier was there. How else would she reach the altar? That’s like saying “No more speeding. You have to drive within the speed limit. Oh, and take my client to the airport, 20 miles from here. His flight leaves in 15 minutes.”


Moving right along with the level creation. Turns out that water planes and lightmapping are kinda bugged.

Note to self: Build levels in Single Player Module and save/post to the ADG/addin folder. That will put the lightmap erf etc where it needs to be and will prevent the bugged water plane without having to manually move the .lvl files later. Tested in game.

Additional bugs to fix:

  • Don’t use fhec_redvilla_0 again. The pathfinding is borked (you can’t walk onto the front porch, and the house has no bottom texture, so it’s pretty messed up when viewed from below.
  • Fix the chantry. The back pillars dangle in space.
  • Fix the terrain under cottage_a.
  • Check the townhall collisions and adjust the spacing. There’s a hairline vertical gap on the front and right sides.
  • Collision placeables are needed literally everywhere. You can walk off the edge of altogether too many elevated walkways/precipitous slopes.
  • Hire a contractor to grade the slope leading up to the chateau. It’s really fugly in game.
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