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So is it me and am I insane or does the male Inquisitor’s voice




sound like like Bann Teagan?

I went back to listen and it really does sound like him. imo anyway

Thank you. Thought I was hearing things. :) LOL

The pitch and timbre are similar, but his voice has never been used in the Dragon Age franchise, apparently, which rules out Timothy Watson. That said, it is a very sexy voice.


As a “plus-size” chick, cosplaying always seemed like a distant dream, but I finally decided to give it a shot and crafted my own Isabela costume last year. Everything about the experience, from entirely creating my own outfit to interacting with other fans as Isabela, was so rewarding and empowering. 

The best moment was another fan stopping mid step and yelling “Oh my god, I love you!”



How convenient is Tranquility?


I mean, really.

How convenient is it that the ‘merciful’ act of severing a person’s access to their ‘cursed’ powers as a form of protection or punishment not only makes them excel at a job that is in high demand and thusly makes them incredibly valuable financially, but…

How convenient that people seem to forget that mages are given the choice between the harrowing, or being made tranquil. Remember the tranquil you meet in the circle tower? He went through it willingly, as he was too afraid to go through the harrowing.

How convenient that people seem to forget that making mages tranquil after they’ve taken the harrowing is illegal and it’s only done by one fucked up Templar in Kirkwall (even batshit Meredith disagrees with the guy).

How convenient that people forget that the only time mages are made tranquil against their will through the system proper is when the Circle has deemed them a risk of possession despite YEARS OF MAGE TRAINING for otherwise.

How convenient that people forget that a single abomination can wipe out a whole village on its own.

How convenient that people forget that mages used to rule the majority of Thedas, and it was a rule of tyranny and blood magic. And this empire still exists.

How convenient that people forget Wynne’s story of how her first use of magic was setting a boy on fire. Wynne, FFS.

Look, I’m on the side of mages, but they have incredible power that can be, and has been, used to inflict a great amount of harm on the world (Tevinter Imperium). People need to remember that Kirkwall is NOT a typical example of the Circle. Kirkwall is all forms of fucked up, on both the side of the Templars and the Mages.

I agree with the principle of the Circle- a place to train mages to make sure they can’t cause harm to themselves or others. Keep in mind that the circle is also a place to protect mages from the rest of Thedas.

The rite of tranquility is harsh, but it’s not used for no reason. Better to make a mage that is too weak willed to resist possession tranquil, than to allow them to cause untold amounts of damage. Because that shit happens, or has everyone forgotten the Circle quest line in DA:O? It’s not like it’s an arbitrary designation, either. There’s only so much training a mage can go through before it’s apparent that they are a danger to everyone around them.

They’re also incredibly uncommon, you hardly ever see them (I can think of three in DA:O- the tranquil in the circle tower, the one selling circle wares in denerim, and the tranquil at Ostagar). They only exist in such high quantity in Kirkwall because, as I”ve said earlier, Kirkwall is all kinds of fucked up, and I think they amped up the Templar atrocities to make it more balanced with the Mage atrocities (because seriously the amount of blood mages running around killing people and ruining lives is insane ISN’T THAT RIGHT ORSINO?).

This kind of attitude makes me physically ill. I’ll put my reply under a cut, because it’s long.

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CONFESSION:  I somehow managed to miss the Redcliffe Tavern in Origins my first five playthroughs. I didn’t know I could walk up that cliff to get there until you regroup at Redcliffe in the endgame of my fifth run.

I did that, too. I only stumbled upon it when I got lost trying to find the bridge to go talk to Ser Perth. This should surprise no one.

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